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We have several highly skilled stone workers on our crew, with years of experience in building patios, walkways, and both retaining and freestanding walls. With our experience using both natural stone and manufactured paver materials, we can accomplish just about any design you're looking for.

Erosion and Drainage Control Gallery

Many of our construction designs solve more than just aesthetic problems. We specialize in stabilizing slopes with strategically places boulders and plantings to create a natural look. When you have issues with storm runoff eroding your driveway or flowing under building foundations, we correct the situation with proper grading, berms and swales, and dry riverbeds used to divert the flow of water.

Perennial and Seasonal Flower Beds Gallery

Our design team will work with you to create the perfect look for your home or business, whether you are looking to install a new garden bed or revitalise existing ones. Some of the theme gardens we have done over the years include butterfly gardens, native gardens, meditation gardens, formal gardens, rain gardens, and rock gardens.

Seasonal Containers and Window Boxes Gallery

We have a talented and creative design team that can put together fantastic window boxes, hanging baskets, and patio containers in any style you want: bold and exciting, or elegant and timeless. We'll plant them for you in the spring and deliver them to your home. Some of our most famous planters are the Somesville Bridge Boxes!

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